Terms and conditions

1. Subject:These general terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the remote reservation of services offered by Hotel la Residence on its Site and its Mobile Services.They govern all the steps necessary for the reservation and the follow-up of the reservation between the contracting parties.Any reservation therefore implies full and unreserved adherence to these conditions on the part of the client.All clients acknowledge that they have the capacity to contract, i.e. that they are of legal age and are not under guardianship or trusteeship.The names "Establishment" and "site" refer throughout this text to the site named www.hotellaresidence47.com and corresponding to the domain name that can be consulted at www.hotellaresidence47.com.
***COVID 19***In these times of health crisis we would like to inform our customers of two specific elements of our Terms and Conditions:Flexibility: Please read article 8 of these T & Cs carefully.Responsibility: Please read article 11 of these T & Cs.
2. Scope of application:These general terms and conditions of sale apply to all bookings made over the Internet, via the Website or the Mobile Services and its partners.
3. Opposability of the general terms and conditions:In any event, the version of the general terms and conditions of sale that is enforceable against the customer is the one in force at the time of his reservation on the Website or the Mobile Services or with its partners.
4. Booking:Reservations can be made on the website, by telephone, by e-mail or by post.The reservation will only be effective if it is guaranteed by the customer, either by communicating a credit card number with validity date or by payment of a deposit, and after receiving a detailed booking confirmation.Payment for all services will be made directly to the establishment (exceptions made for prepaid reservations at the time of booking).The establishment reserves the right to refuse any reservation in the event that the credit card number is incorrect or the reservation is incomplete.

5- Payment:Guests must come to the establishment with the credit card that has been used to guarantee the reservation or to make the prepayment.The establishment may also ask the guest to show proof of identity in order to prevent credit card fraud.Payment is debited from the hotel during your stay, except in the case of special conditions or rates where payment is debited at the time of booking (online prepayment on certain rates). This prepayment is called a deposit.In the case of a rate that is not prepaid online, the establishment may ask the customer, upon arrival, for a deposit or authorisation to debit the credit card, in order to guarantee the payment of the sums corresponding to the services consumed on site.There are two ways of paying the deposit:- either by cheque payable to the establishment and sent directly to the establishmentor by bank transfer.In this case, the reservation becomes firm and definitive only on receipt of the deposit by the establishment, within the time limit. Payment of the balance of the stay will be made on-site at the establishment.
6. Modification of stay:Any change of reservation must be requested by email to the establishment or by telephone. The request will only become effective once the establishment has confirmed its acceptance in writing.In the event of a change of stay, the following conditions apply (except in cases of force majeure):- In case of no-show on the scheduled arrival date, your credit card will be debited for the first night of the stay.
7. Cancellation of stay:Any cancellation of a reservation must be requested by email to the establishment or by telephone. The request will only become effective once the establishment has confirmed its acceptance in writing.In the event of cancellation of a stay, the following conditions apply (except in cases of force majeure):- For any request made less than 72 hours before the date of arrival, the amount of the first night of the stay will be charged.In the event of no-show on the date of arrival, your credit card will be debited with the amount of the first night of your stay.Special conditions:- For any reservation of four rooms or more, cancellation or no-show fees will be 30% of the total amount of your stay except extras.- For any reservation of a room for four nights or more, cancellation or no-show fees will be 30% of the total amount of your stay except extras.
8. Force majeure:Force majeure is understood to mean any event that is unforeseeable, insurmountable and external to the parties that prevents either the client or the establishment from fulfilling all or part of the obligations provided for in the contract.Are considered as cases of force majeure or fortuitous events those usually recognised by the jurisprudence of the French Courts and Tribunals.Each party cannot be held responsible towards the other party in the event of non-performance of its obligations resulting from an event of force majeure.It is expressly agreed that force majeure suspends, for the parties, the execution of their reciprocal obligations and that each party shall bear the costs arising therefrom.
***COVID 19*** The establishment will accept last minute modifications and cancellations if a lockdown or travel restrictions are imposed by the government***
9. Prices: Prices are quoted in Euros. VAT is always included.The prices indicated only include the services strictly mentioned in the reservation.Additional services provided by the establishment during the stay and, if applicable, tourist tax will be added to the price mentioned in the reservation.The applicable prices are those in force on the day of the reservation. Only the price indicated in the booking confirmation is binding.
10. Complaints, disputes:Any complaint must be made to the establishment within 7 days of the date of stay.Failing recourse to the conventional mediation procedure or to any alternative method of dispute resolution within 30 days, either party may refer the matter to the competent judicial court.
11. Responsibilities:It is the responsibility of the Establishment to take all guarantees and insurance necessary for the reception of the public in its Establishment and the exercise of its activity. The liability of the Establishment is limited in the event of theft of goods or objects when they have been entrusted to its custody only. The client must ensure the safekeeping of his goods and materials. The customer must inform the establishment of any damage caused by him/her. He is responsible for all damage caused by his intermediary and undertakes, in the event of damage to the premises made available (bedroom, common areas, lounge, sanitary facilities) to bear the costs of repair.
Also any behaviour contrary to good morals and public order (i.e smoking ban) will lead the establishment to ask the client to leave the establishment without any compensation and or without any reimbursement if a payment has already been made. In the event that no payment has been made, the client must pay the total price of the stay as well as cleaning fees as stated in the internal regulations before leaving the establishment.
***COVID 19*** During the period of of the Covid 19 pandemic, the customer is considered as informed and will be expected to pay the totality of the reservation. If the customer shows symptoms during his stay, the establishment will force him to isolate in his room and regularly take his temperature. Non compliancy with this instruction or purposely hiding symptoms, will result in the establishment refusing to serve him and put an end to his stay. In such a case, the price of the reservation will be charged.

The client undertakes not to invite any person whose behaviour is likely to be prejudicial to the establishment, the latter reserving the right to intervene if necessary.